Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Party Time Tuesdays PTT#17 Animal Themed Projects

Hello Animal Lovers. I thought with summer here we would take a minute to remember our animals. To remember they are defenseless against the extreme heat. So take a minute to make sure your special furry friend has water and shade. A good tip is to place a bowl of water in the freezer the night before and set it along with a regular bowl of water out for your pet. This way they have cold water for most of the day!!!

To show you love your animals...show us your ANIMAL THEMED PROJECTS!

Our Sponsor is Kenny K!

Here is a little bit about Kenny:

I wielded a mean crayon in my early days growing up in the Bronx, but made the quantum leap to the Mac at my first art studio job in 1990, and have been working as a digital artist ever since. My previous work experience includes seven years in consumer and pharmaceutical ad agencies as a photo retoucher and Mac production artist, a season at MTV Animation, and many, many freelance illustration and Flash animation jobs. These days when I'm not beating the hell out of my bass with the rest of the hooligans in my bands Almost Famous and Air Dogs, I'm hard at work here at my home art studio in Pearl River, NY

Now your Party Planners have some AWESOME projects showing there love of animals:








Please use the Tag: PTT when you upload your projects to a gallery! Thanks!